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I was born in 1977 in the engineers’ family. From the early childhood I perceived myself as an artist. I was fond of painting. Besides I used to take my father’s photo camera and tried to photograph. My father taught me to take and to print pictures. At the age of 9 I printed photographs without any assistance. However later I got photography out of my head for long years and spent all spare time on the other hobbies.

I entered technical university. Soon I realized that I didn’t want to become an engineer. I decided to get the second education and attended evening classes on graphics and design. I was interested in visual art. I became mad about body art. Then I came to conclusion that photographing people is more interesting for me than painting them. So I turned to photography again at the age of 22. Two or three years later I became a professional photographer.

I concentrated on nude photographing. I searched for the more attractive art trend which could be close and absorbing for me. First I was attracted by retro stylization. At hat period I was mainly influenced by Jan Saudek’s art. Later I turned to doom, goth, dark sensuality.

In 2005 I came to fetish and BDSM themes. These themes still predominate in my art. However I am always absorbed by searching for the other themes and trends. As for BDSM photography I am mainly interested in people relations and also in emotions, intimation that take place in the cadre.

My artist statement is maximum openness. I mean not only spiritual but also physical openness. I aspire to reveal and demonstrate the things usually perceived as taboo, the actions people made “without light” because they are supposed to be perverted.
I suppose that the lack of openness and sincerity in the modern society should be considered as perversion, it leads to the loss of gladness in people relations.


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"The Best of International Nudes Photography III", Feierabend Unique Books, Germany 2012

"Fetish Fantasies", Feierabend Unique Books, Germany 2012

"Mammoth Erotic Photography 3" ,Constable Robinson , England (Is expected in July 2010)

New Nude Photography, Negoist, Poland

«Fetish. Photo Anthology volume 5» , Secret, Belgium

«Fetish. The best of International Contemporary Fetish Photography» , Feierabent, Germany

«Nude. New Russian Photography» , Art-cit, Russia

«Sight on life - 2», FotoLoft, Russia

«THE BEST OF MODERN RUSSIAN EROTICA» Diverse publications, England



2012 "Captivated by beauty" Russia, Saint Petersburg, 2012

2009 « Sex in the City », Paris, association in France, « Solidarite SIDA »

2009 - International Annual Exhibition -"The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today "
-Los Angeles
-San Francisco

2009 « Sex in the City », Paris, association in France, « Solidarite SIDA »

2009 - International Annual Exhibition -"The World's Greatest Erotic Art of Today "
-Los Angeles
-San Francisco

2007 -"Photo Center on Gogolevsky bulvar", Russia, Moscow

2006 -"JCC", Russia, Moscow

2005 -Artgallery "Sam Brooke", Russia, Moscow

2004 -Club "Rotunda", Russia, Moscow



120 erotic photos i...
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